Too young for music lessons? Too old??

I thought I’d say a few words on the question of age and learning music. Seems to come up quite often, and it appears there are some common misconceptions. That being said, there are some age barriers depending on the instrument, so let’s take a look, firstly at the youngsters.   Is my child old enough to learn an instrument? Apart from the obvious ‘everyone is different’ schtick, we can generalise depending on the instrument. There are some limitations imposed by each instrument: Piano This is a great starting point for learning music, whether they continue piano as they get… Read More »

Where to find live music

      Our most recent article gave 6 great reasons to go and see more live music. This post provides you with some resources on how to find music in and around Melbourne. Google can be helpful of course, I’ve just synthesised it a bit below..   Here are the picks, vaguely categorised..     Gigs, band focused   Beat Gig guide – comprehensive listing by date/genre of gigs, big and small.   Eventfinda – good list of upcoming music events by genre.   Only Melbourne – a little less comprehensive than Beat, but lists regular events… Read More »

Why you and your kids should be enjoying LIVE music

We’re lucky indeed to be living in the live music capital of Australia. Every night of the week, all across the city, you’ll find something in one of Melbourne’s music venues. Not only that, but there are loads of other musical events to check out – lots of it free. We just thought we’d write a couple of articles – firstly about why you should go and see live music (if you’re not already), and also some resources to help you browse the multitude of musicians playing around Melbourne at the moment. Firstly then, let’s talk a bit about why… Read More »

Should I make my kids practise…?

…Well sometimes, yes! To round off our series focused on practising, we’re going to address something that pops up every now and again, and it is to do with a child’s practice motivation (or lack thereof). While they might enjoy their lessons, learning piano, guitar or singing takes practice. We sometimes hear parents saying that they shouldn’t have to force their child to practice, and that they should want to practice – and to some extent this is true, but in reality it is a bit of both. First of all, no matter how motivated your child, or how much… Read More »

The Ideal Practice Space – Making The Most Out Of Your Rehearsal Space

  In our last blog we went over how to get the most out of a short practice, so we thought we’d say a few words on where to practice – the ideal practice space. If you haven’t already gathered, more practice  = better musician. Not only more practice, but quality practice. Setting up a good space can make all the difference, as we shall see.. Where? So, which room to practice in? Well, as you’d expect for anything involving concentration, a room free of distractions. Yeah right, you say, no room in our house is free from distractions – maybe the piano is in the… Read More »

Getting the most out of a short practice

Ah yes, practice time. We could talk a lot about this (and we will!), but for now we’ll do our best to stick to the topic at hand. Let’s assume then that the student has a comfortable practice space, supportive family members, and a short amount of time (preferably at a set time each day when they are at their most focussed) Right, so what now? Your teacher might have recommended a time limit for daily practice, but we recommend thinking about goals. While saying “10 mins” is a good bench mark, sooner or later the student is just going… Read More »