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Looking for guitar lessons and living in Preston? Allegra Music is just down the road in Coburg North, offering comprehensive guitar instruction to people of all ages and styles. 

Whether you want to learn to strum your favourite songs, shred metal riffs, or pursue a classical path, we can help. 

Our guitar teachers are passionate and accomplished musicians, are active in the Melbourne music scene, and all have a studied music in one or more styles. This means we really can teach all styles and levels. 

Maybe you want to play in a band, or maybe just play for yourself at home. Either way, our teachers will tailor your lessons so you progress as fast as possible in the direction you choose.

Are our guitar lessons for everybody?

Yes! Our teachers are the best and so are our reviews, but the surest way to find out is come down for a free trial lesson

“I’ve loved the idea of being able to play guitar, and have been playing away in my bedroom at home for long enough…. After my first term with Allegra Music, I can now play a few songs coherently, which is a massive improvement on where I started before getting my lessons”

-William Bradley, Preston

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