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What's on at Allegra Music: 2020

Right now…

After 8 wonderful years, Allegra Music Coburg North has closed! We’re relocating to the UK in 2020, and will be continuing Skype piano lessons only. It’s sad to say goodbye to over 100 hundred students, but we’d like to spend some time in the UK before our son starts school (6 months? Two years? We’re not sure…)

Allegra will be commencing Skype piano lessons in Feb 2020. More info to come, including a demo video, but in the meantime please get in touch – great value ($50/hr – usually $80/hr), record your lessons, learn from home, rain hail or shine!

We’d like to thank our lovely teachers for their amazing work over the last few years, so big thanks to James, Andrew, Ailsa, Manuel and Toby.

If you’d like to continue learning with them, please see contact details below and contact them directly:

Ailsa Mitchell teaches singing, piano and guitar. She will be teaching privately from a studio on Bolingbroke St, Pascoe Vale next year. Her mobile is 0410 869 284.
Manuel Vasquez Sierra will also be teaching privately from a local studio. He teaches violin, singing, piano and guitar. His number is 0426 260 265.
Toby Tse teaches piano and will be available to travel to teach at students’ homes next year. His number is 0430 927 749 and his email is
Andrew Beveridge teaches guitar and will also be available to travel to students’ homes for lessons next year. His number is 0479 156 261.



We had our Summer Duets recital at the end of 2019, and it was fantastic. Big thank you to all performers, friends and family!

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Want to get to know us a little better? Check out our Facebook page here for lots of pics, videos and a general flavour of what we do.