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Where to find live music

Where to find Live Music



Our most recent article gave 6 great reasons to go and see more live music. This post provides you with some resources on how to find music in and around Melbourne. Despite there being so much live music in Melbourne, it can actually be hard to find an enticing gig – too much choice perhaps? Google can be helpful of course, I’ve just synthesised it a bit below.

Here are the picks, vaguely categorised..



Gigs, band focused


Beat Gig guide – a comprehensive listing by date/genre of gigs, big and small.



Eventfinda – a good list of upcoming music events by genre.



Only Melbourne – a little less comprehensive than Beat, but lists regular events such as open mic nights.



where to find live music in melbourne

Music for the kids


Melbourne Recital Kids events



Arts Centre kids focused, not just music



Also has some non-music events




Classical music


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – official site listing upcoming events



Classical music event listings



Big venues


Check these out for the biggest international acts coming through (for you or the kids!)


Etihad Stadium



Rod Laver Arena



Hamer Hall



Hisense Arena



Festival Hall





General music events, as well as other happenings


Time Out – a bit more generalised, with different types of event listings, not just music.



That’s Melbourne – City of Melbourne site with bigger events and bands, but not much local band listing.




It’s also a good idea to check out the websites of venues you’ve been to before. A lot of venues seem to cater to a particular ‘crowd’, so if you liked something there once, you’ll probably get lucky just heading along to a random gig. A lot of the time they screen the bands, so you can usually depend on the venue’s choice! Also, if you use social media, try the Facebook pages of those same venues for info.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you found something!

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